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About me

Interest in technology

As much as I enjoy studying cybersecurity, I really do like learning about new technologies and software programs to constantly update my skills. I see it as not only important for the IT industry, however, but for the future generations of my family; especially since I am currently the only person in my family with a strong passion and interest in technology.

Technology has always fascinated me from the age of eight years old, and everything has obviously stemmed from there.

Not all about tech...

I do, however, go to great lengths to try to live a healthy life outside of technology. Other than gaming and scripting or coding; I would usually do other things like reading, drawing, painting, writing poetry, going out with friends, going outside, playing with my pet bird, or even meditating as such.

I might have a passion for technology and all, but the truth is that I actually don't like the idea of my life depending on it...

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