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Robert Bright

-Bachelor of Cybersecurity (Currently Studying) [2021-PRESENT]
-Advanced Diploma of Cybersecurity [2019-2020]
- Certificate IV of Cybersecurity [2018]
- Year 12 VCE [2017]

-  Product Manufacturing Staff at CW on Demand [2019]
- Technical Support & CoderDojo Mentor at Wooranna Park Primary School [2018-2019]
- Help Desk Administrative Staff for Victoria Police [2015]

- Splunk Fundamentals 1 & 2
- NEM Blockchain Technology
- CHFI (Currently Studying)
- CEH (Currently Studying)  

Curriculum Vitae



Bachelor of Cybersecurity

I am currently studying this course for the duration of 2021-2023, and will continue studying for any relevant Certifications, as well as consider any career opportunities that come my way.


Advanced Diploma of Cybersecurity

Attained formal tertiary qualification.


Splunk Fundamentals 1 & 2

Attained formal certification.


Product Manufacturing Staff

Performed the following duties at Colorway Printing and Fulfillment:
- Consolidated customer online orders
- Worked in a team of 2 to assist the manufacturing, printing, and creation of customer goods
- Picking & Packing


NEM Blockchain Technology

Attained formal certification.

2018 - 2019

Technical Support

Completed a range of projects at Wooranna Park Primary School including:
- STEaM Centre
- VR Headsets
- AR Sandpit
- Raspberry Pi, Android TV, 3D-Printer and PC lab
- XEM, NEM and IFPS nodes
- Snort IDS
- Cisco Umbrella Firewall
- Red Team & Blue Team

Completed a range of CoderDojo volunteering projects including:
- Teaching Warhammer to kids
- Hardware and Software auditing
- Network, PC and 3D-Printer maintanence
- Drone operation
- Making and programming a 3D-Printed Bionic Arm


Certificate IV of Cybersecurity

Obtained formal tertiary qualification.

Doing this course has granted me the following Cybersecurity industry related skills:
- Python scripting
- Security Monitoring, Log Analysis and Forensic Tools
- Splunk
- Kali, Backtrack and Metasploit
- TCPDump, Burp Suite and Wireshark
- Understanding of Malicious Software
- OWASP BWA, Top 10 Vulnerabilities
- Web App Development
- Network Protocols
- Virtual Disk Imaging
- Windows/Unix Tools
- IPS, IDS and firewalls
- Network Redundancy Protocols
- IPSec VPN Tunnels
- Incident Response Procedures
- Red and Blue Teaming
- Penetration Testing
- Security Plan Implementation
- Industry Projects, Presentations and Reports
- Copyright and Workplace Ethics


Year 12 VCE

Studied Year 12 IT Informatics, Legal Studies, Psychology, Further Mathematics, English.


Victoria Police Work Experience Program

Nominated by Carwatha College P-12 to participate in exclusive work experience with Victoria Police in 2015.


Do feel free to message me.

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